Bond Collect Fee Calculator

How does BondCollect work?

You decide on the property you want to rent

Your agent places a BondCollect request online

We instantly pay your bond to your chosen agent

You pay us back the bond in convenient, bite-sized instalments.

Why use BondCollect?

$0 Now, Pay Later
Move into your new home today without requiring your bond upfront, as the amount is covered by BondCollect

Fantastic Rates
Simply pay 8% on your bond over a 62-day period

No Waiting for Previous Bonds
BondCollect saves you from needing to wait for your previous bond to be returned, which puts you at risk of missing out on the new rental that you want

Flexible Payment Options
With multiple payment schedules available, including Direct Debit, repayment is a breeze

Efficient and Reliable
BondCollect is entirely online, keeping things simple, safe and secure

We’re here for you
We are proudly Australian, and our friendly team is here to assist with any queries you might have. Contact us anytime on 1300 355 729 or [email protected]


I am a renter agency

What will it cost me?

With our low rates and flexible payment options, BondCollect leads the industry, offering Direct Debit or immediate payment at a time that suits you. BondCollect works for all tenants seeking to obtain the ideal rental property at any time.

$1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $5,000
Repayable in
62 Days
$1,080 $2,160 $3,240 $5,400
Advanced Funds Repayable in 60 Days
$1,000 $1,090
$2,000 $2,180
$3,000 $3,270
$5,000 $5,450

*All late repayments are paid at 24% per annum of the balance outstanding